Ugly Duckling?

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Maybe not!  I bought this quilt top last weekend at our annual quilt show here in Lawrence.

We have an incredible “boutique” at the show where guild members donate their excess sewing or quilt items.  This top sat rolled up on the table all weekend.  I kept going over to touch it, diagnose it, and just decide if I really needed another top.  It was marked $10.  Not that I thought that was a bunch of money, but it really didn’t spark anything in me.  And then the bargaining began!  They wanted to know what I would pay for it??  I said, maybe $5.  The friend of mine in charge said, “How bout $4!”  Sold!!!

It is handpieced, very nicely I might add.  Looks to be 1920’s/30’s and very utilitarian.  Shirtings and dress fabrics.  Even a bit of upholstery I believe.

And I love this piece of random crosstitch!

My granddaughter seems to enjoy the finished product. I put a very modern bubble design on this very vintage top, which I so often love to do.  I’m pretty sure it’s not such an ugly duckling now!


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