Depression Era, Green and Cheddar Orange Vintage Quilt

Customer Quilts | December 27, 2014 | By

This is a recent customer finish on a vintage 1930’s pieced top, made in the classic depression green and cheddar orange colors of that era. It was made by an aunt and tucked away in a drawer for many years!
 Taking a vintage/antique quilt and giving it a modern twist is my choice. I know it’s not for everyone and there are those that would rather see a traditional finish, possibly hand quilted. I LOVE to hand quilt, but because of time constraints, it’s not always feasible. I opt for finishing a quilt, rather than keeping it hidden away for no one to enjoy. That old adage, “it’s not a quilt till it’s quilted!”, has become my mantra. My secret mission is to save all the forgotten and stashed quilt tops of the world!
I’m always a fan of the quilt back! You get a sense of the real quilting and the design elements used on the front. Enjoy your day!


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    anita barnthson
    March 9, 2015

    Backs are beautiful too when you are fortunate enough to have Kelly Cline quilt for you. Beautiful once again.

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