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How to Tame a Wavy Border on a Longarm Machine

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Starch and steam are my best friends on a quilt that needs a little help. Lots of piecing, hand stitching and over handling of fabric, can cause a quilt to change shape. Sometimes this isn’t known until a top is on the frame and the quilting has begun. This particular quilt was found by some friends at a garage sale for $5!! Oh my gosh, all that piecing! I finished it for their church raffle coming soon. All the starch and steam was worth the beautiful finish. I’ve got a video at the end to show the flattening process.

Before starch there is quite a bit of wave to the border.

This is after the starch and steam trick. I did have about 8 ‘sessions’ with the starch and iron. If it doesn’t happen on the first go over, don’t be afraid to do it again. After the first spray of starch, I only use water on the next rounds.

The finish is fabulous! I used thjis digitized design by Anne Bright Designs, Snowballs. It’s a great design that also settles down any of the puckering that might have been in the quilt top.

There you have it! If you’ve ever had this wavy border on a quilt top, check out my YouTube video.

Have a great day everyone!!



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    Susan S
    November 9, 2018

    Amazing that it could shrink that much. 8 sessions of ironing,etc? Your patience and persistence is legendary

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      November 9, 2018

      HA, thanks! I’m persistent when I have to be!!!

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    Roxanne Dear
    November 9, 2018

    Hi Kelly! This is great! Ive often used this trick on the ironing board first if I catch it…I like this much better. Squaring on the frame is wonderful. Thank you! I have a few questions: Where did you get the tool tray? I love it! Also, how did you video this hands free? Im trying to figure out a system and failing miserbly. Thank you!

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      November 9, 2018

      Hi Roxanne, tool tray is from Amazon. Use the words ‘adjustable tool tray’. I’ve got the link somewhere on my FB page. I also got a hands free phone holder on Amazon. I’ll send you the link through FB messenger!

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