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YES, this may seem like a strange post coming from a quilter, but you guys, these are the BEST SUITCASES EVER!! I travel A LOT and put a lot of miles on my luggage. I bought this set of 3 hard cases about 2 years ago on Amazon. I liked the thought of a hard case so if there was anything wet or sharp, it wouldn’t penetrate a cloth suitcase and touch my quilts. On my last big trip overseas, the largest case broke a wheel and cracked the case where the wheel is attached. I took my time writing the company because hey, that takes time out of my quilting day! 😉

Yesterday, I sent a picture and a short note about the wheel. By the way, there is a 2 year warranty on this luggage!!! I had a quick response that they would refund me $70 for the large case, since sending it back would be inefficient. Score!!! I paid $139 for the set almost 2 years ago (2 more months before my 2 years is up!) and used it hard. I plan to buy another set with the $70 refund because I LOVE these suitcases!!!

This is how my dear case looks these days. A little beat up, but what a good travel companion it has been!

PS. If you have AD blocker on your computer or phone, this link may not show up that I’ve posted above. They are called, Coolife luggage, 3 piece set. (affiliate link)


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    February 26, 2019

    Nice to know there are great suitcases out there, but we need to know the “brand” so we can get some great suitcases!

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      February 26, 2019

      If you have an ad blocker on your computer or phone, you may not see the link. I have it linked to the Amazon page so it will come up directly. They are Coolife 3-piece luggage set.

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