Why I LOVE Ballpoint Needles for the Longarm

Today’s quick video about ballpoint needles on my Facebook page today.


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    Gail Thompson
    March 3, 2019

    Hi Kelly. I have an Innova longarm and was told the Schmetz needles are a bit narrower in diameter at the shank than the Groz Beckert ones and also a bit longer which would throw the timing off so therefore not compatible with my Innova. I Love these needles and do want to continue to use them. What do I do?

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      March 3, 2019

      Hi Gail, I have a dear friend who only uses the Schmetz on her Innova. She swears by them and has never had an issue. I’ve compared these to the Groz Beckert I used to use and they are identical. Let me email you a photo of the Groz-Beckert package and you can compare numbers.

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    Gail Thompson
    March 3, 2019

    This is so good to know. I love the schmetz needles and don’t want to change. I’ve seen a nice difference on the quilt backs especially. I’ll send the info on to my Innova dealer also. Thank you again Kelly 😍

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