Time to GIVEAWAY a Quilt Top!

My Own Quilts | July 2, 2015 | By

I’ve been given such lovely linens this week that I decided it’s time to purge a bit myself! I have been a quilt top collector since I started longarmming. I bought gobs of them my first year of quilting, thinking I would use them for practice. I didn’t get through too many and then my friends starting bringing their quilts “for practice”. Before I knew it, I had a closet full of quilt tops and no time to quilt my own! My quilt closet won’t fit another top, so a giveaway sounds like a great way to pay it forward.


I was also looking for some red, white and blue, but blue and white will have to do! This is a bow tie quilt I got on Ebay from a seller in Ohio. It is machine stitched. I’m guessing 70’s/80’s fabrics. When I bought it I know I just liked the colors. The size is 88″ x 69″.






Remember, it’s a quilt top and NOT quilted. It’s folded and ready for mailing to one random winner I’ll choose Monday morning, so leave me a comment and tell me your favorite 4th of July food. I’ll ship anywhere, so international readers are welcome! Have a fabulous weekend!


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