Quilted Vintage Table Runner

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I’ve had a lot of small linen pieces on the long arm recently for an upcoming project. This table runner was an experiment with color and a loose weave linen. I made sure to use something that was NOT sentimental or expensive. I found this piece for a whopping .25! You can find a fabulous linen stash in Wilson, KS, at Granny’s Junktiques, that I wrote about in a previous post.


I used a double batting of 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom on the bottom and Hobbs wool on top. This will give the finished piece a nice loft.


When there is cut work, I like to add a layer of something shiny underneath. I’ve never tried a dark fabric, but this time I used a burgundy piece of satin. I think I saved it from an old bridesmaid dress!




When I start any linen piece, I simply stitch around the outer edge. I usually blend the thread to the color of the background. I used Glide Cream on this one.




Next, I outline stitch around all of the original embroidery. I learned quickly that this weave was too loose! I could barely see the thread I was stitching with. It disappeared into the cloth.


I do, however, love the texture it created in the sunlight!


I love to watch a design take shape! I did a minimal sketch with a blue, water erasable marking pen.








The texture on this piece is fabulous! I’m not crazy about the actual stitching, but I do like the burgundy satin underlay.


To finish, I trimmed the back inside edge.


My stitch line was about 1/4″ inside, so I trimmed to that line and then stitched a satin seam tape over the raw edge.


My dining room table is the final destination for this piece. I really like something that is not quite up to my “giveaway” standards because then I can keep it! I hope you enjoyed the process. Have a fabulous weekend!




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