What To Do With Vintage Hankies!

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Quilt them, of course! This is the first in a series of “What do I do with my grandma’s hankies?” I’ve got a few ideas for you. YES, this began as a hankie! Tucked away in the drawer of a dear friend. Don’t we all have them?


This original hankie came from my good friend, Susan. She had saved a bunch of hankies from her grandmother, so I’m guessing this to be about 100 years old. After doing a bit of research, I think it is Irish lace. If anyone knows anything different, I would love for you to comment!




It’s about 12″ square and in perfect condition! I knew it would become a pillow with some beautiful satin shining through the lace.


I used two layers of batting and then put the champagne colored satin on top, ready for quilting!


I outlined the pillow size I wanted, about 15″ square. On one side I did an all over texture that will be the pillow back. I then stitched down the middle square on the right side.


Here is a GREAT view of the two together! I LOVE the texture for the back. I used a computer design for the back and also for the triangle corners of the pillow top.


I stitched around the perimeter of the lace and then did some straight line stitching around the whole square. Then I added the corner designs with the computer.


The middle square is also from the computer library. I also added the string of pearls. Wouldn’t all of our grandmothers have had pearls?!


I am in LOVE with this pillow, every little bit of it! So much so, I happened to find the SAME hankie on Ebay this week. Coming to me from Australia, for $6!!! Susan and I will have twin pillows, but hers will be very sentimental and I’m sure she will think of her grandmother every time she makes her bed.


Enjoy both sides! It is an absolutely luscious pillow. I always wish we had feel-a-vision with beauties like this!


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