Small Star Pattern Top

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This quilt top originates from Nashville, TN, purchased on Ebay for a whopping $10.50.  It’s not a particularly beautiful quilt up close, but so many pieces!  I bought it because all I could think about was the woman who pieced it and how any hours it must have taken her to do so.

Many different materials were used.  You can see there are many shirt, some feedsack and some drapery fabrics.  From a distance, it’s a beauty!  Measures about 70″ x 75″.

I did a free motion meander all over so I could really sew over a few small holes and some not so secure areas.  The top is completely handpieced, so a little wonky in places.

I finished the binding last night and threw it out on the floor to take a look.  My daughters’ dogs seem to like it so I guess its a keeper!


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