Vintage Linen Remix

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I was shopping my local antique shop earlier this year and stumbled across this vintage 1920/1930’s tablecloth that had been hand stitched and not finished.  The original needle was still in the fabric and the blue pattern print was still intact, so that made me believe it was really handmade.  It was so beautifully stitched, I would not have imagined that it was not machine made.

I had recently seen the work of Cindy Needham and my head was spinning with a multitude of quilting ideas.  I first took the piece to the dry cleaners to see if they could get the blue pattern out of the fabric.  They did!  A big surprise to the cleaners and me.  I cut off the unfinished section and created a wholecloth mini quilt.

Then I set out to quilt the tablecloth.  She is a beauty!  I added a small amount of glass beads to give it some interest.  From tablecloth to wall hanging.  I look at linens in a whole new light now.  What a transformation!


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