Odd Vintage Top….Modernized!

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We have a fabulous quilt guild in Lawrence, KS, with loads of great speakers and almost 200 members strong.  Last summer I picked up this already pieced top, roughly 35″ x 35″, from our “give and take” pile of treasures that ladies add to and subtract from monthly.  One of the women saw me pick it up and told me it was her mothers and that she was trying to purge things she would never finish.  Of course, I told her I thought I could do something with it!  I pulled it out of my stash a few months later and put it on the floor so I could really look it over.  All I saw in the bag were these odd colors.  I had no idea it was a flower until I stood back!  I’m sure her mother got to a point and thought it was not the flower she was hoping for.  Well, I put it on the frame and boy did it come alive!

Backs are beautiful too!

Quilting softened the whole thing and gave it a new, modern look.  I’m guessing from the fabrics it was probably made in the 80’s.  The best part……I had no attachment to it so I decided to give it back to Betty.  I took it to our next guild meeting and would you believe she sat right next to me!  I went up for “show and tell” and before showing, I told the ladies that I had salvaged this from the share pile.  Also, that if anyone recognized the piece to be theirs, they could have it back.  WOW, was that fun!!  You should have seen her face.  And she had NO idea that it was a flower!  She was tickled to have it again!


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