Vintage Hankie…..Quilted!

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How many vintage hankies, doilies and linens do you have in your home, tucked away in a drawer or closet?  Between large quilts, I love to do a quick, small vintage piece.  I bought this hankie a few weeks ago in a local antique store for $5.  Even that is a little expensive for me, but I adored the handwork in the small squares.

I decided I wanted those squares to have some bling, so I backed it with 30 year old satin from my wedding dress (created by my mother-in-law so I have scrap).

And here is the “sandwich” before I got going on the quilting.  I didn’t end up with much of the satin showing, but I really wanted the handwork to stand out this time.

VOILA!!  The finished product.  I added some glass beads for some sparkle.  Do you have a special hankie or linen piece that you would like displayed and not hidden in a drawer?  Let’s make something out of your treasure, email me!


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