Quilt for Mary Kerr!

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I am tickled to have finished a quilt that will be added to a traveling exhibit called “Quilt As Desired”, curated by Mary Kerr.  She gave me this vintage top last November after I met her at this very exhibit in Kansas City.

Ironically, I had just put on my own vintage top that looked very similar to Marys….

So it took me awhile to get hers on the frame.  I let my own become the experiment!

One of my new, favorite “rough draft” ideas is to take regular kitchen plastic wrap and tape it over my design.  Then I use a sharpie and draw my design on top.  Works great, just don’t let there be any holes in the plastic wrap!!!

Some days I get a little help from my granddaughter, Juniper.  I think one day she’ll use my quilts as a fort!

And the back is a mix of mostly vintage fabrics…..

And after 56 hours and a couple of weeks on the frame, TA DA!!!!

You can see the schedule for this exhibit here http://www.marywkerr.com/quiltasdesired.html and it begins in Baltimore, Maryland, this weekend March 6-8.  It is an exhibit worth seeing!  Enjoy!


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    August 1, 2016

    Kelly, I saw this quilt yesterday at Maine Quilts. Beautiful!

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