Double Wedding Ring

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I’ve had a vintage double wedding ring for at least a year, purchased on ebay for about $15.  I won it with another top and a basket of scraps for a total of $30…..score!  It was meticulously pieced and the vintage fabrics were fabulous.  I finally dug it out a few weeks ago to practice a digital computer pattern before doing a customers’ double wedding ring.

I know I’m drawn to these old quilts because of their fabrics.  I love the quirky patterns and I’m sometimes wondering if the maker had messages in the quilt.  There are quite a few of the “horses’ behind” pics (maybe the maker didn’t care for the husband choice ;-).

And then I love what looks like two cowboys dancing 😉

I love the digital patterns that I found!  They “skew” nicely to the odd middle shaped square of the main block.  The “melon” shape also has a great stitch pattern.  Both of these designs let me avoid ditch stitching, which I so appreciate!

The final quilt is stunning and the dense quilting really gives it durability.  As soon as I get the crazy scalloped binding finished, I plan on giving it a gentle wash and clothesline dry.

The back is beautiful too!!

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