OKLAHOMA! Pillow Art Embroidery

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I purchased this pillow cover from an antique dealer in California. What a terrific find! We lived a wonderful 15 years in Oklahoma. I was born there, my children were born there. Sentimentally, it’s fabulous!

Oklahoma original

As I collect these pieces I find that many are unfinished or minimally embroidered. I always wonder what interrupted the maker. Did they get ill, pass, become disinterested in the project.  Nowadays, we might call these UFO’s (unfinished objects)! Nonetheless, they are wonderful examples of handwork history. On a piece like this it doesn’t matter too much. I know I’ll stitch it to eternity and beyond, so you’ll never miss the embroidery!


The first thing I do is baste the pillow around the edges. I’m using a double batting, 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom on the bottom and washable wool on the top. It makes for quite a “pouf”, but the quilting calms the whole. It’s a bit scary in the beginning and can drag the machine slightly.


The fun begins after everything is outlined. I start the design process with things I know I want for sure. Then the piece begins to “talk” and before you know, VIOLA!!


The leaves were very wispy, so I knew I had to do a bit of McTavishing. The greenery of the embroidery made me think of the garden, so I decided it needed a trellis of sorts.


I love how this almost 100 year old pillow was made modern! Enjoy the rest of the show!



Before and after!




I plan to do a very tiny binding in a green satin. My sweet hubs will make me a small wood frame for the backing and it will hang proudly on my wall.  Someday I may sell some of my pieces, but not just yet!



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    Mary Corbet
    June 14, 2015

    Absolutely gorgeous! An ingenious way to incorporate an old piece of embroidery into a new work of art. I love it!

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    Sarah M
    June 29, 2015

    The heart of this old Okie just about stopped beating at the beauty of this piece. The quilting does some much to add to the beauty of the stitching. Thank you for your sharing of so much God given talent.

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    October 15, 2015

    Love seeing the transformation from too often throw always to the beautiful items. You do beautiful work.

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