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I’m sharing a quilt I did for a customer from a couple of years ago. I saw it in my pictures the other day and every time I see it, I want to make it! Not that I have the time, but I love everything about this quilt. I’m sorry I don’t have the pattern name for you. I do know that my friend, Gwen, who made this, said it was difficult because the shirts were all different.

Gwen shirt 1


Her purpose for this quilt was to showcase some of her hankie collection in the pockets. It was a challenge to quilt in the placket area of the shirt, due to the thickness and the buttons that she left on the shirts, but I figured it out!


Gwen shirt 2


She also did the black embroidery around each pocket that gave it the finishing touch!

Gwen shirt 3

What a GREAT finish to a unique quilt! How ’bout that border!!?

Gwen shirt


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    March 4, 2016

    Wow. What a great idea. I bet it looks fabulous with hankies draping out of the pockets. Love the border as well. Huge fan

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    Janine R
    March 4, 2016

    It’s just stunning! Who knew something so mundane could become a work of art?

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    Freda Butler
    March 4, 2016

    What a great idea to have somewhere to showcase fancy hankies. You did great quilting job on it.

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    Lesley Swenson Morris
    March 4, 2016

    This could be done with denim as a pocket wall hanging for children, a message center, it could have many uses, and be fun.

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    Fiona Egan
    March 4, 2016

    What a wonderful idea! Beautiful quilting and I love the black embroidery. Inspirational 🙂

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        Mary Ann Wotherspoon
        March 6, 2016

        This is totally beautiful and would have never thought to put something like that together. I know you mentioned you don’t have the pattern, but would LOVE to find out where to find it…Love, love, love it!!!

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          [email protected]
          March 6, 2016

          Hi Mary Ann, thanks! I’ve asked my customer and all she can remember is that it was an older magazine. She has no idea! I googled shirt pocket quilt and couldn’t come up with anything either. So sorry!

          • Mary Ann Wotherspoon
            March 7, 2016

            No worries…. It’s something that is so unusual and lovely and guess you could say that’s me! Thanks for your quick response though….Love it!

          • [email protected]
            March 7, 2016

            🙂 You bet! But, I always like to track down a pattern if at all possible!!!

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