NEW VIDEO!! Quilting a Pincushion on the LONGARM!

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It’s READY!! The longarm, pincushion class! You will find this singular class, sort of an add-on for longarmmers, at 30 minutes in length and $15. It will show you how to load and quilt a pincushion top on the longarm, along with tips, helpful tools and techniques to make your quilting successful. For the complete process of making a pincushion class, you’ll need the “Create Your Own Vintage Pincushion”, 1 hour and 20 minute long class. You’ll own the class(es) forever and learn at your own pace. There are 2 tabs for courses, choose whichever you like.

I’ve enjoyed having Madison, my University of Kansas student, videographer extraordinaire, here to help me. She has crazy good editing skills and such an eye for filming. If you are in need of a service like this in the Kansas City area, send me a note and I’ll share her information. Her major is Creative Communication and she couldn’t be more suited to this future career!!

Madison, my videographer extraordinaire!!

Thanks to Madison, we’ve finished filming the longarm segment for quilting a pincushion on your longarm! I always dread doing these things as they are out of my comfort zone, but I’m also thrilled when they are ready to publish. Especially during this time of no travel and no teaching, this is a way to connect with quilters everywhere. Pincushions and videos have also given me a focus that I never knew would be so rewarding. I spend much more time over on Facebook with daily posts, so visit me there if you frequent social media.

The most recent sale of pincushions. They are a pretty bunch!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this last year of pincushion making and plan to continue the creating this year as well. As long as I’m home, I’ll make pincushions! I have been having weekly sales that post on my Facebook page, but will slow down some this year and probably limit the sales to every 2 weeks. That way, I might be able to get some quilts quilted! I’ve fallen behind in the tops I want to quilt for myself and a few for family and close friends. That’s my limit these days!

Each one of these is different and definitely takes on a personality of it’s own. It’s also a great way to use up embroideries and vintage fabrics from generations before us.

If you’re looking for a winter adventure, try pincushions! They are terribly addicting! Maybe it’s because unlike a quilt, they can be finished quickly. They are beautiful when completed and can be gifted to all your sewing friends. During the holidays, I turned many into tree ornaments by adding a ribbon and turning them on point. They can also be filled with lavender to be used as sachets for non-sewing friends. Pincushions are filled with crushed walnut shells, but with this ornament, I used half polyfill and half walnut shells. I liked the weight of that combination!

You’ll find the link with the 2 classes below. To add to the fun, at the end of either video, you’ll be invited to join the private Facebook page full of information! There, we have show and tell, LIVE tutorials, random giveaways, and lots of new forming friendships through pincushions.

I hope you’ll join us! Happy 2021 everyone!


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