Another Linen Collage!

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I finished quilting a linen collage last week and while I had an able bodied 5 year old around, I thought I would make a short video on the beginning process of a linen on the long arm. I’ll add that to the end of this post.

The “base” of this collage is a floral embroidered tablecloth with a crochet edge. Those vintage edges are what I really admire on these linens! Ladies took such time years ago to beautify everything! The center is made up of current day fabrics with two embroidered pieces on top of that.

The original embroidery on the tablecloth are the blue and yellow flowers and then the blue embroidered line along the edge. When I start one of these, I first stitch around the outer edge of the crochet edge.

After the outer stitching is done, I go around all the embroidery and outline it with my stitching. Then, the fun begins! I will admit the first steps can be somewhat tedious, but worth the next phase of quilting. At that point, think of it as a regular quilt.

I love the sentiment on this embroidery…..”mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all”. Then it lists women, assuming those might be sisters in a family, or maybe the makers best friends! OK, now for my amateur video. Enjoy!

A Very Feathery, “Crown Royal” Quilt

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I put off doing this quilt for a LONG time! I just couldn’t figure out the quilting. Well, it was worth the wait and sometimes you need to sleep a lot of nights to come up with a design!

Luckily, the maker is a good friend of mine and she was patient! She is also a feather lover, so I went a little overboard with the feathers, but I think it worked! I used gold Glide thread to blend well with the gold of the Crown embroidery.
If you look closely, you can see the crowns in the fabric. They fit perfectly with the theme!
Now, maybe the best part about this quilt is the title. Together we named this, “Don’t Drink and Sew!” We had quite a laugh when we saw that two pieces were turned wrong. Can you see them? What else can you do at this point! No matter, still a beautiful quilt!!

Another “Society Silk” Rose!

If you follow my blog you know I am obsessed by quilting vintage linens. My favorite being “silk society” embroideries. This particular piece was very old and fragile, most likely late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

I used two layers of batting and began by outlining around the original embroidery.

The initial stitching is a bit overwhelming with two batting layers! I almost regretted the layers, that puff is scary as a quilter!! Once I started quilting it calmed down and became something spectacular very quickly.

The final piece is stunning if I do say so myself! I quilted to the outer edge and plan to cut away the backing, mat and frame. One more piece of gorgeous handwork, salvaged!!

“Toes In The Sand”, quilted!

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This is a recent finish to a pattern called, “Toes In The Sand”, by Jaybird Quilts. It was made by my friend, Denise Stahl, The Curious Kansas Quilter. Denise is a fabulous seamstress and was the featured speaker at our recent guild quilt show. I’ll just stream the photos. It’s a fabulous quilt!!







denise t2


denise t


denise t4

I love backs because they tell the whole story. Thanks for looking!

“Golden Oldie” Collage

I hardly ever have a chance to quilt for myself, so I decided it was time for a small linen. I started with a 34″ square, drawn thread linen piece from my stash.

I’m so glad I have this wrinkled before shot so you can see the magic that happens.  Next, I chose this great “silk society” round (about 10″ in diameter), that I had found in an antique shop.

I always try to do a quick sketch of my plan. Trust me, it’s nothing fancy!

Then the magic begins! I may put in a few registration lines with a blue, water erasable pen, and then I start quilting. I first attached the round embroidered piece in the center by quilting around the edges and outlining the butterfly/heart motifs. I didn’t want to compromise the piece too much, so I kept it simple. The initials in the middle are amazingly stitched and I wanted them to really stand on their own! Those ladies of yesteryear were meticulous in their stitching. I can’t stop admiring the handwork!

Underneath the drawn threadwork I placed a piece of gold lame to make it really pop! The silk embroidery is so pronounced and I wanted to compliment the golds in the thread.

After 10 hours of quilting, here is the big TA-DA!! I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this beauty!

OH, don’t forget the stitched butterflies! These are very subtle, but I like to mimic something from the original linen and this was perfect!




I finished this with an ivory satin binding, added a few crystals and viola!! Enjoy!


These Boots Were Made for Walkin’!

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Anyway, that’s how I see it! My favorite song by Nancy Sinatra kept streaming through my head while I was quilting this. The pattern is called, “Boots All Around”, by June Jaeger. It measures 34″ square.

I think the best part of this quilt are the pinwheels that were created from the quilting. They are just so darned cute! I used Glide thread and a double batting later of 80/20 and 100% wool.

I quilted it for my friend and customer, Gwen, who will show it at our annual quilt show.  Join us April 18 and 19 in Lawrence, KS, for the Kaw Valley Quilt Guilds annual show. There will be over 100 quilts, vendors, mini quilt silent auction and guild quilt boutique. It’s always a great show, so come if you live near. Then, have lunch in wonderful, downtown Lawrence!

Blue and white sampler quilt!

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This quilt was finished recently for Veronica.  She created it in a sampler class taught by my good friend, Denniele Bohannon, of Louanna Mary Quilt Design in Missouri.

I mixed free motion quilting and the Prostitcher computer on my Handi Quilter.  I love them both and frequently do a mix.

Each block got just a little bit different design, which is always fun and makes a quilt so interesting to view!

She is currently binding this zig zag edge and I say bravo for not cutting it straight!  This edge may be a challenge, but will be so worth it when finished!

The back is just as beautiful as the front.  Email me for a quote to finish your masterpiece!

Vintage Embroidered Bird Quilt

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I quilted this vintage embroidered bird top for my friend/customer, Shelley.  I wanted to keep it simple so I heavily free motion quilted it with swirls.

Shelley had a nice denim sheet we used for the backing, making this a fairly inexpensive finish for an adorable quilt!

Quilted “Society Silk” Pansies!

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OH, how I love this piece!!  I found it recently on Ebay, from a seller named Melanie….THANK YOU MELANIE!!!  I asked for the history and she said it was from an Italian area of western New York.  I always like to know where a vintage piece originates!  

I have oodles of vintage, embroidered pieces just waiting for me, but this one spoke especially LOUD and made it’s way to the machine over the weekend.  I’m so glad it did!
What is Silk Society embroidery?  “Society Silk” or “Silk Society” refers to the Royal Society of Embroidery.  The Silk Society produced the silk thread and the embroidery patterns.  The Silk Society also promoted the cottage industry of producing fine embroidered pieces.  Favored by the “Society” women of the early 1900’s, these are some of the finest examples of embroidery.  Strawberries and roses were some of the most popular patterns.  I have collected quite a few rose patterns, but have not seen anything to date as beautiful as these pansies!
Even in its original state I found it breathtaking!  This is how it began, straight out of the package.
The magic begins…..
There is some staining, but once I get it all stitched it’s very hard to notice.  I am still toying with a “Retro Clean” gentle bath.  
I pressed it very gently, but once I baste all the edges it becomes very smooth.
I don’t do any drawing or sketching on these, I just let them speak and work my way through or around the embroidery.  I outlined all of the flowers and then did a beautiful, whimsical feather in the center.  I try not to overuse feathers, but these elegant linens SAY they want feathers.  Crazy linens!
There you have it!  The rest was easy, a few more feathers, fill, and outlining the embroidery.
The handwork is stunning!  The ladies of yesteryear BLOW ME AWAY!  I mean seriously, their embroidery skills were amazing.  
Here are a few close up of the corners.  I may put a few beads on this one and I’ve chosen a burgundy, satin binding.
Finished size is 21″ square and I will proudly hang it on my wall when finished.  I’m SO lucky to have found this beauty!

“The Queen and Her Court”

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After 33 hours on the frame, this quilt is done!!  It was loads of fun to work on, but all good things must come to an end!  This pattern is from Wing and a Prayer Designs and is titled, “The Queen and Her Court”.

I quilted this for my friend, Gwen, who wanted a quilt to show this June at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.  She told me it would be her “heirloom” quilt, so that meant some heavy duty quilting.








The finish size of this quilt is 85″ x 96″.  I about had a heart attack when Gwen showed me the entry form for the show.  The longest side could only be 96″!  Whew!!

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