20% OFF EVERYTHING, March 20!!

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Happy Worldwide Quilting Day 2021!! In honor of all things we love, quilting, sewing and SALES, here’s 20% off everything in my shop today (except the pincushion class), March 20!! Use the code QUILT20 in the discount box at checkout.


You’ll find all my rulers for longarm and domestic machine quilting in the shop, individually or in sets.

This set is for domestic or longarm quilting
The Notched Rulers are for longarm quilting only

You’ll also find the Schmetz ballpoint needles, only for the longarm machine. They are terrific needles and have so many benefits. You can read this blog post to learn more! http://www.kellyclinequilting.com/2019/12/schmetz-ballpoint-needles-amazing-in-a-long-arm-machine/

I hope your day involves a bit of sewing! Happy Saturday everyone!

https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products and use the code, QUILT20 in the discount box at checkout.

Sweet New Pincushion!

pincushions, SALE | October 13, 2020 | By

How’s this for the cutest couple EVER?!! This began as a towel and has probably been in a drawer or tucked away for years. It’s finally time for them to live on in a pincushion!

I used two of my favorite rulers to quilt this one, the 9″ Slim and my Kelly Bean notched ruler. You can find them here in my online shop https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products Use the code LOVE10 in the discount box at checkout for 10% off anytime!

I like to ditch stitch these small pieces before doing the free motion quilting. This particular ruler is 9″ x 1 1/2″, making it easy to manipulate. I created the curved ends so it would move freely with no sharp corners to get caught up in the seams.

The other favorite ruler I find particularly helpful is the Notched Kelly Bean. This ruler has a notch to nest around the hopping foot. It’s great to help guide the machine around shapes, applique, or embroidery as I did here. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products The notched rulers are ONLY for use on a moving machine (longarm). You can see how they work in this video. https://youtu.be/D2cAVmhVdNA

After I’ve outlined all of the embroidery, I go back with a very tiny fill. I call this the bubble, spiral and belly button design. I’m using Glide 40 weight thread and a Schmetz #16 ballpoint needle (find these in the shop, for longarm only) https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/category/long-arm-machine-needles

The stitch length on these is very small, about 14 stitches per inch. When working with curves and circles, a tight stitch length is your best option for creating a good looking curve!

TA-DA!!! Aren’t they just precious?!! You can find many more pincushion posts on my Facebook page. Don’t forget, use the code LOVE10 anytime in the discount box at checkout for 10% off. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone! Stay safe and sew, at least we have that!!

Notched Rulers for Applique

Treasure pillow, made for my granddaughter

I love the word NIFTY, and these notched rulers are just that! I use them for precision stitching around embroidery or applique. You can always use the code LOVE10 in the discount box at checkout for 10% off all the products I sell. You’ll find all my rulers, for longarm and domestic machines, plus, Schmetz needles for the longarm only, here in my online shop.


I also keep a YouTube channel with various tutorials. Here is one of my favorites, showing how I use the Notched Ruler to go around applique. I think it’s the music I chose that makes me like it so much. 😉

This was a bed pillow I made for my granddaughter, Juniper, a few years ago. She loves to find treasures, so I put a special fabric envelope on the back with velcro, so she could put small treats inside to hide.

The Notched Ruler allows precision control around applique

Once I quilted it on the longarm, then I simply put right sides together and stitched up a quick pillow. The buttonhole stitch around her name probably took me the most time, but I love the look!

Hand dyed, sparkle fabric!

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget the code LOVE10 in the discount box at checkout. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products

HEY, it’s a Friday, GIVEAWAY!!

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Hey, welcome to FRIDAYYYY!!!! I was supposed to be speaking, teaching and FISHING in Greenville, NC, but alas, I am hanging out at home. Honestly, if I can sew or quilt somewhere, I’m pretty happily entertained!

So, let’s have a fun day, Friday!! I’m going to GIVEAWAY a set of my 4 rulers (for the domestic or long arm machine) AND ALSO have a 20% off sale on the set!!! Regularly $55, today only $44. The price is already set up in my shop, so no code is needed. If you happen to be the winner and you’ve ordered them, I’ll simply refund your total. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/product/4-ruler-set

Comment below to be included in the GIVEAWAY….What would YOU be doing this weekend if you weren’t at home? I’ll draw a random winner Saturday evening, April 18, at about 8pm. Have a wonderful FRIDAY everyone!


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