The “Circuit Rider” Quilt

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I finished this a few weeks ago for my dear friend, Gwen. The pattern is called, The Circuit Rider, by Jenifer Dick.


I needed to finish quite a few quilts for our upcoming guild show, so I was looking for a quicker way to finish an applique. I used the Bethanne Nemesh method of mid-custom quilting.


I probably saved 3 hours by NOT ditch stitching most of this quilt. Instead, I worked the feathers and motifs right UP to the applique. It’s brilliant! What a time saver!


Everything on this quilt is free motion and the echoing on the applique is simply “eye balled”. Once you get the rhythm and movement, it goes fairly quick! Total time on this quilt was 10 hours.


The back is a good illustration of how the motifs work up to the vine. No ditch stitching required!


Love those backs!!


You can see this quilt and about 100 others at our annual guild show, April 2nd and 3rd, in Lawrence, KS. Join us if you are in the area!


“Belle the Squirrel, Circa 1975” by Jenifer Dick

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I’m so excited to share this fabulous quilt, designed by Jenifer Dick. The pattern will be in the book, “The Applique Book”, by Casey York.


When Jenifer brought me this top, I studied it for a LONG time. The only thing I knew for sure was that I would outline the squirrels. Luckily, the quilt started to speak to me and the rest came from that first outline. Thanks to Jenifer’s superb piecing and accuracy, I could design the squirrel outline and echo in my Art and Stitch computer software, then repeat it 36 times!



I think of all these squirrels running through a tree, and the nuts are falling from the top. There’s a varied mix of pebbles and “nuts”, falling from the top and getting larger as they get to the bottom.


Yes, I used all these colors!! I think my bobbin color was a medium gray. Changing threads was probably the most tedious part of this quilt, but necessary!



Before and after!


                    I hope this quilt made you smile! It’s a super fun quilt and the book will be out soon. Watch for it!

squirrel book

“Leaves”, by Jenifer Dick…..quilted by Kelly Cline

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I’m thrilled with this quilt!  Designed for this months edition of Modern Quilts Unlimited is Jenifer Dick’s quilt, “Leaves”.

My granddaughter was with me when I found a copy.  Even she seemed to love the colors!


This is a large quilt, 90″ x 90″.  I couldn’t get the whole thing in one picture so you can imagine these two shots side by side create the whole thing.


Jenifer and I both share a love of 70’s colors and these are definitely my favorites.  I used Glide thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting.  I had so much fun designing the quilting for each area of this quilt.




Backs are beautiful too!

Want to make this?  Grab a copy at your nearest quilt store.  Jenifer has easy and well written instructions in this issue.  I happen to know a longarmmer that can duplicate the quilting 😉

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