Red, White and Blue……

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I finished this beautiful July 4th themed quilt last week. Made by Suzanne, it was a UFO she couldn’t even remember where it came from. I agree, it always feels great to finish a project you put away many years ago!






I kept with the patriotic theme and used lots of stars and shapes that were in the quilt fabrics. Lots of ruler work, which I love!






My lesson for today, don’t think too hard about the quilting! Let the fabrics be your guide.


Quilting Tiny!

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This dresser scarf was more of an experiment than anything else. I wanted to see how tiny I could quilt this wine glass/orange peel pattern. The linen is only 6″ x 12″, if that gives you an idea of small!


The layering of this piece is backing, a layer of wool batting, satin and linen. I always like something special to show through the cutwork. I usually don’t mark on my linens, but I had to for this pattern. I created a grid of 1/2″ squares with a purple air erase pen.


The next step is to stitch down the outer edge, which I stay inside the satin embroidered edge so I’ll have an area to trim off at the end. Before I start quilting, I also outline all the embroidery. I loved this piece because it was so perfectly stitched. I can’t even imagine doing the work that these ladies did so long ago!


This gives you an idea of scale. I’m thinking this would be easier on a domestic machine, but on a long arm it’s really tedious. I usually love working small, but this was crazy small!


Each linen has it’s own personality, which means every edge is treated differently. After I took it off the frame, I used a curved scissor to stitch as close to the stitch line, on the back, as possible.


This shows the completed back. You can see it’s cut close! I don’t worry about the raw edge on this one because I plan to mat and frame it soon.


Hard to see, but I added a few rhinestones in the tiny flower middles. I always try to pop in a few beads or sparkles to finish a linen.


Such a sweet little piece that was given new life! Have a wonderful weekend!

Quilted Drawn Thread Embroidery

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I antiqued through the states of Iowa and Nebraska last week. My favorite shop was found in Missouri Valley, Iowa, at Missouri Valley Antiques, just west off Hwy 29. I had a particularly good time in this booth!


I spent a whopping $23 and I gathered at least a dozen linens. My choice to pop on the frame when I got home, was this beautiful, drawn thread embroidery. I started with a cotton backing, then a layer each of 80/20 and wool batting, then a piece of shiny, blue polyester.


Next, I put a piece of lightweight, shiny white poly. I always like a little bit of shine under the open work. I could have left the blue to come through, but I wanted to tone it down just a bit.


I use the channel locks on the long arm to square the linen to the backing. The locks allow the machine to literally lock into a horizontal or vertical track, therefore keeping my stitching square. I spray a bit of water on the linen so that I can manipulate and slightly stretch the piece to square.




I stretch and stitch with a vertical channel lock in this photo. Lots of one handed work on these linens. I also let the embroidery or cutwork guide my lines.


Next, I cutaway any of the excess underlying material.


I like to outline all of the embroidery and cutwork before I start to quilt. It’s like getting my canvas ready for the paint! At this point all of the prep work is finished and the quilting begins.



You can see at this point how much pouf there is to the drawn thread areas that weren’t quilted. This is where I like to add glass beads, then I always yell, TA-DA!





“Quilting Vintage Linens” on QNN TV!!!

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Watch Quilting Vintage Linens on

Quilting Vintage Linens

It’s finally here! I filmed this episode, “Quilting Vintage Linens”, for QNN TV, with Jodie Davis this August. Waiting is hard! This particular show is called, Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show, and is filmed at the Handi Quilter headquarters in Bountiful, Utah. What a fabulous place filled with wonderful people! It would be like the Willy Wonka factory for quilters 😉 This is a teaser segment since QNN is a subscription only, online site. I think for quilters it is worth every penny. Always my go to internet site for all things quilting!

The hubs and I took a gorgeous, two week road trip through Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, for this big adventure.


You can’t find any nicer people than at the Handi Quilter studios in Utah! The educators and staff made me feel right at home and took care of EVERYTHING!


The crew, hair and makeup (yup, that helped!), they all know how to do what they do and are great at their jobs!


Yes, that’s Joe Cunningham lurking on the side. He was filming after me, so he was hanging around visiting while Marie Eldredge pinned on my backing. Marie is a fabulous Handi Quilter studio educator, who together with the other educators, made me feel like a rock star.


Vicki Hoth, quilt know all and machine know all, she is one fabulous lady!! They filmed 6 quilters in 2 days, so their schedule was a hectic and crazy one.  A few other quilt “celebs” filming were Stephanie Palmer, Late Night Quilter, who is a super creative soul. Stephanie creates with four kids at home!! Maybe that’s why she’s called the Late Night Quilter! She has also just launched The Quilter’s Planner. Check her out!

IMG_2408 (1)

Also, Christa Watson at Christa Quilts, a super creative lady that does her quilting on a sit down machine. Check out her new book Machine Quilting With Style.


I couldn’t have done any of it without my CEO, Carry Everything Officer! What a hubs! He carried everything, waited for me, drove me, and anything else I needed, he did.


What a fabulous adventure and opportunity this was! Thanks to everyone who supported and followed me along this tremendous quilting journey. Experiencing the unexpected always makes life fun!

Simple Motif on Vintage Hankie, Quilted

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I do love a vintage hankie! They can be super fast and fun. I am working on a larger vintage piece, so this was an experimental piece before working on the REAL customer linen. I’ll hope to show that in a few weeks.


I used a simple motif from the computer on my long arm. I drive a Handi Quilter Fusion with Pro Stitcher, which I adore! This design is in the Pro Stitcher library, created by Kim Brunner. After the computer stitched out the motif, I went back in and free motion filled all the open areas.


Here is the hankie right after I had stitched the motif. I also had the computer stitch the rays in the awesome satin backing!


A few close shots. I used a double batting of 80/20 and 100% wool, Hobbs. I also love Glide thread. This is the color Cream, which works well for most vintage linens. I love the sheen of Glide!




Above are the differences between a real scribble and the lower, being a micro stipple. Yup, tiny no matter how you see it!


One more look at those rays. They might be my favorite part! Have a fabulous weekend!

Recycle an Antique, Hexagon Quilt!

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My quilt guild, Kaw Valley Quilters Guild, in Lawrence, KS, had Mary Kerr as our guest this week. Mary’s current book, “Recycled Hexie Quilts”, includes two beautifully transformed tops that I had the pleasure to quilt. The first one is titled, “A Summer Breeze”.


Mary used four floral applique blocks along with fragments of a hexie top. The finished size is 45″ square. This top had so many possibilities for design. I was so pleased with the results!









The second top, “Lovebirds”, was the marriage of a red embroidered block from the 1940’s and a portion of an 1890 mosaic top. I wanted to keep this simple and make sure the original embroidery would pop. The border was very simple, straight line quilting.






Don’t miss a Mary Kerr lecture if you get an opportunity. She has a vast knowledge of quilt history and can entertain her audience as she weaves her wonderful stories.


Kelly Cline and Mary Kerr


Finally, don’t miss this book! It has loads of ideas to reuse, repurpose, and recycle those hexie pieces from the past. Best of all, I’VE GOT ONE TO GIVEAWAY! Comment here for your chance to win by telling me if you had a quilting grandparent. Good luck! I’ll draw a name, Sunday night at 8:00 pm!


Coming To Oklahoma City, October 16!

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12088556_10205137427456280_3553327678456008563_nThe Stitching Post North Store

2630 W Britton Rd
The Village, OK 73120

Mexican Stars

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I recently finished quilting this beautiful quilt, made by my good friend, Gwen. The pattern is called Mexican Stars, by Annette Ornelas, at Southwind Designs. The chosen colors are fabulous and really make this quilt pop! Yes, it is 3D in some areas. I used one layer of 80/20 batting and Glide threads. Enjoy the show!

mexican stars 1


mexican stars 2


mexican stars 3


mexican stars 4


mexican stars 5

My grandson liked it too!

Small, but Mighty!

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This started out in the bottom of a bag full of linens. I guess it might have been a dresser scarf, probably with a set that had larger pieces. It’s only 6″ x 12″, so quilting it was a challenge to stay small and compact.


I used two layers of batting, 80/20 and wool. On top of the batting is a piece of gold lame, to show through the tiny cut work. First things first, I stitched around the outer scallop edge.


I also do a VERY quick sketch. I don’t like to mark on the fabric. If I need to, I might make some registration dots with a purple air erase pen or a water soluble blue pen.


There you go! The fun thing about small is it’s also fast. This piece might have taken an hour, but what a mighty little thing it turned out to be!


Even that tiny bit of gold that peeks through is perfect! You can really see where my outer stitch is in this picture, just inside the scalloped border edge.


Then I take some very small scissors (I like fingernail scissors!) and trim to the stitching line on the back. The raw edge won’t matter on this one because it will be matted and framed.


TA DA! SO cute! I used acid free, double stick tape to mount it on acid free matboard. I cut my own mats, so I’m never too concerned about the size of the finished linen piece. I do, however, try to make the total mat a standard size to fit in a standard frame. Otherwise, you’ll be spending way too much for something so small!


A great finish that ended up in a friends’ home. I love to give these away. They are a small piece of me!

The “Ladies Dream” Quilt!

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This is quite a quilt! It all began when my cousin, Bonnie, showed me this lovely appliqued top she had gotten from an auctioneer. She had helped with an auction and he gave it to her for helping! I love a story behind a quilt! I just wish we had known who the maker might have been. She asked if I would quilt this for her upcoming grandsons’ wedding. It has recently been gifted, so I feel it can be talked about now!


I kept this quilt hanging for awhile when I first received it. I wanted to study the shapes and really figure out what type of quilting it needed. I wanted to keep in the era as much as possible. The workmanship was exquisite and I made sure to take photos of the back because even I didn’t want to cover it all!


YES! This is the back. Meticulous! Such perfect, tiny stitches. The back looked as good as the front!


I was more than excited to find this catalog on Ebay! It gives some history, but you can also find information on the Mrs. Danner’s Quilts website. Mrs. Danner created a mail order business for her patterns out of her home in El Dorado, Kansas. Founded in 1930 and later sold to Helen Ericson in 1970. Unfortunately, the owner has retired, so finding a pattern may be difficult. I’m guessing this top was made in the 1930’s or 40’s, due to the cotton prints.


This is a fabulous vintage photo from the catalog, showing Scioto Imhoff Danner stitching on the very likeness of the quilt I was quilting! I know I squealed when I opened the small catalog and saw this.


I started the quilting with the computer, something never imaginable back in the 1930’s! I wanted something big and beautiful in the negative spaces. I knew I should do some traditional cross hatching, which became somewhat of a nightmare across this large quilt!


Once I started the crosshatching, the quilt came to life! This may sound crazy, but I needed some vintage inspiration, so this quilt started my marathon watching of “Downton Abbey”. I bet I watched two full seasons during the quilting, which gave me a sense of the time period and put me in the zone. Hey, whatever it takes to keep going!


I used one layer of 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom batting and Glide white thread. I also only ditch stitched the applique as I didn’t want to go into the shapes and take away from the makers handwork.






I hope you enjoyed this quilt as much as I have. I quilted this a year ago, so it was fun to take a look at it again. It resides with a young couple now and I hope they will appreciate the history and enjoy it as much as their grandma and myself!

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