My LOVE For Schmetz Long Arm Needles!

Quilt tools | January 6, 2019 | By

If you know me or have heard me speak, you know I am passionate about the needles I use in my Handi Quilter long arm. They are labeled as an embroidery ball point FOR THE LONGARM Schmetz needle, to be specific, a light ball point. System 134 SES is generally used in single needle lockstitch industrial sewing machines. It is also known as 135×5 SES, 135×7 SES, 135×25 SES, 1901 SES, DPx5 SES, and DPx7 SES, and these are the reasons why I love them………

1. Ball-point tip spreads fibers instead of cutting them,
preventing holes in fibers. (forget what you think about
ball point needles only being for jersey knits. These are
not for sewing, they are for quilting purposes)
2. Reduces thread breaks when machine goes from right
to left.
3. Round shank needles, for muliti-directional use
4. For use with most machines HandiQuilter, Gammill,
Prodigy, Nolting, Tin Lizzie and Innova.
***** (these are a round shank top, with a thread groove
in the front and scarf in the back) I don’t believe these
will work on an APQS, A1 or a Bernina
longarm. They will work on an HQ Infinity at lower speed.
5. Prevents skipped stitches
6. High stability and prevents deflection.
7. Precise stitches
8. Reduces wear on machine parts
9. Long lasting, no need to change the needle after every quilt.

They are for saleĀ here on my website. You can add as many packs as you like for one shipping cost of $3. I am NOT a machine expert, so I can’t tell you if these will absolutely work with your machine or not, but have listed above the machines I know that will use them, according to customers who have purchased and used the needles. They compare to a Groz-Beckert 134 needle in the green package. They are always 100% returnable if they don’t work in your machine or you are not 100% happy with them. Give them a try! You’ll never look back!

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