Simple Motif on Vintage Hankie, Quilted

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I do love a vintage hankie! They can be super fast and fun. I am working on a larger vintage piece, so this was an experimental piece before working on the REAL customer linen. I’ll hope to show that in a few weeks.


I used a simple motif from the computer on my long arm. I drive a Handi Quilter Fusion with Pro Stitcher, which I adore! This design is in the Pro Stitcher library, created by Kim Brunner. After the computer stitched out the motif, I went back in and free motion filled all the open areas.


Here is the hankie right after I had stitched the motif. I also had the computer stitch the rays in the awesome satin backing!


A few close shots. I used a double batting of 80/20 and 100% wool, Hobbs. I also love Glide thread. This is the color Cream, which works well for most vintage linens. I love the sheen of Glide!




Above are the differences between a real scribble and the lower, being a micro stipple. Yup, tiny no matter how you see it!


One more look at those rays. They might be my favorite part! Have a fabulous weekend!

20 Hankies Make A Quilt!

My Own Quilts | September 3, 2015 | By

I’m on a hankie kick! I realized, everybody has them, many collect them, and grandma left a LOT of them!


Yes, these are all hankies! Unbelievable really. The variety is stunning! This entire quilt was created on the long arm. I started with a 1950’s tablecloth, quilted a nice circle meander over the whole thing, then began a sort of applique on top of the quilted tablecloth.

I started with laying it out on the floor, placing each “block”, and then using a blue water erase pen to mark where they would all go. I also numbered each hankie with the corresponding place on the tablecloth.


I actually started with the middle square and worked out. I used a mix of computer designs and my own free motion. Under each hankie is a piece of white fabric and another piece of batting. I also double batted the tablecloth, so there’s a lot of batting on this quilt!


Now, imagine these were your grandmother’s hankies, put away in a trunk or dresser drawer for years. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to put them on display?


My home state, Kansas. I realized there really aren’t many rivers across Kansas, especially when I needed more quilting lines! I let each hankie take on it’s own personality. Enjoy the show!






















If you are a lover and quilter, or wanna be quilter, of vintage linens, join our Facebook group Quilting Vintage!¬†for inspiration and support, and always, always, ALWAYS…..sign and date your work! Your great grandchildren will thank you!

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