Longarm a Vintage Quilt Top

Vintage Quilt | April 16, 2021 | By

How to LONGARM A VINTAGE QUILT TOP!! It’s ready! I said I’d never do this video myself, but I did! It only took me all day to edit and figure out the technology on creating a video. I wish I would have filmed this in landscape, but I sure wasn’t thinking about that! OH MY GOSH, I need a 12 year old!!!

Damaged tops, not a problem! Most everything can be fixed! I am asked SO many questions on the in’s and out’s of quilting a vintage top, so here it is on my YouTube page. https://youtu.be/hRjZxo2fWE0

It’s NOT fancy and it’s very casual, but hopefully you’ll find lots of information and tips on successfully quilting a hand pieced, vintage quilt top, on the longarm. My husband saw a few minutes of it and he says it’s RIVETING! I’m here to tell you, it’s not. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I will say though, the final quilt is gorgeous! From start to finish it took about 6 hours, so the longarm is the reason I can finish so many quilts. I was a hand quilter years ago, but I just don’t have that kind of time to finish my closet of vintage tops. I also feel that longarm quilting makes these more sturdy than they would be with hand quilting. This ‘Glorified Nine Patch’ will soon be usable and washable.

Get your popcorn ready if you’re a longarm quilter and you want to try your hand at quilting a vintage top. It’s 36 minutes long and will give you all the tips and tricks I use to tame those old, hand pieced tops. These tricks will also work with current tops that tend to be a little wavy. Enjoy the show and have a wonderful weekend!

20% OFF EVERYTHING, March 20!!

SALE | March 20, 2021 | By

Happy Worldwide Quilting Day 2021!! In honor of all things we love, quilting, sewing and SALES, here’s 20% off everything in my shop today (except the pincushion class), March 20!! Use the code QUILT20 in the discount box at checkout.


You’ll find all my rulers for longarm and domestic machine quilting in the shop, individually or in sets.

This set is for domestic or longarm quilting
The Notched Rulers are for longarm quilting only

You’ll also find the Schmetz ballpoint needles, only for the longarm machine. They are terrific needles and have so many benefits. You can read this blog post to learn more! http://www.kellyclinequilting.com/2019/12/schmetz-ballpoint-needles-amazing-in-a-long-arm-machine/

I hope your day involves a bit of sewing! Happy Saturday everyone!

https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products and use the code, QUILT20 in the discount box at checkout.

NEW VIDEO!! Quilting a Pincushion on the LONGARM!

pincushions | January 4, 2021 | By

It’s READY!! The longarm, pincushion class! You will find this singular class, sort of an add-on for longarmmers, at 30 minutes in length and $15. It will show you how to load and quilt a pincushion top on the longarm, along with tips, helpful tools and techniques to make your quilting successful. For the complete process of making a pincushion class, you’ll need the “Create Your Own Vintage Pincushion”, 1 hour and 20 minute long class. You’ll own the class(es) forever and learn at your own pace. There are 2 tabs for courses, choose whichever you like. https://createyourownvintagepincushion.thinkific.com/

I’ve enjoyed having Madison, my University of Kansas student, videographer extraordinaire, here to help me. She has crazy good editing skills and such an eye for filming. If you are in need of a service like this in the Kansas City area, send me a note and I’ll share her information. Her major is Creative Communication and she couldn’t be more suited to this future career!!

Madison, my videographer extraordinaire!!

Thanks to Madison, we’ve finished filming the longarm segment for quilting a pincushion on your longarm! I always dread doing these things as they are out of my comfort zone, but I’m also thrilled when they are ready to publish. Especially during this time of no travel and no teaching, this is a way to connect with quilters everywhere. Pincushions and videos have also given me a focus that I never knew would be so rewarding. I spend much more time over on Facebook with daily posts, so visit me there if you frequent social media. https://www.facebook.com/kellycline.quilting

The most recent sale of pincushions. They are a pretty bunch!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this last year of pincushion making and plan to continue the creating this year as well. As long as I’m home, I’ll make pincushions! I have been having weekly sales that post on my Facebook page, but will slow down some this year and probably limit the sales to every 2 weeks. That way, I might be able to get some quilts quilted! I’ve fallen behind in the tops I want to quilt for myself and a few for family and close friends. That’s my limit these days!

Each one of these is different and definitely takes on a personality of it’s own. It’s also a great way to use up embroideries and vintage fabrics from generations before us.

If you’re looking for a winter adventure, try pincushions! They are terribly addicting! Maybe it’s because unlike a quilt, they can be finished quickly. They are beautiful when completed and can be gifted to all your sewing friends. During the holidays, I turned many into tree ornaments by adding a ribbon and turning them on point. They can also be filled with lavender to be used as sachets for non-sewing friends. Pincushions are filled with crushed walnut shells, but with this ornament, I used half polyfill and half walnut shells. I liked the weight of that combination! https://createyourownvintagepincushion.thinkific.com/

You’ll find the link with the 2 classes below. To add to the fun, at the end of either video, you’ll be invited to join the private Facebook page full of information! There, we have show and tell, LIVE tutorials, random giveaways, and lots of new forming friendships through pincushions.

I hope you’ll join us! Happy 2021 everyone!


New Cutting Template and Goodies in my Online Shop!

I needed a cutting template that I could find AND was the right size for cutting my pincushions. I had one made! This acrylic ruler in lime green is a great hand size, 4″ x 10″. It’s 1/8″ thick for cutting, not for quilting ruler work like most of my rulers.

I work on a small cutting table and mat next to my machine, so this fits nicely on the cutting mat. Most pincushions are between 3″ and 7″ in size and this manages to cover those cuts. Find it in my online shop for $15. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/product/4-x-10-quilting-template

You can see here how I create that little pincushion top. I’ve piece it ‘crazy quilt’ style and then square it to my liking. If you’ve been waiting for my online pincushion class, you can find it here. https://createyourownvintagepincushion.thinkific.com/

Now, let’s talk about scraps, FEEDSACK scraps in particular! I’ve just returned from 4 days on the road, between Kansas and Tennessee, stopping at most antique stores along the way. Did you know that antique shops are probably the safest places to go right now? There are not many folks in them and masked up, I feel very safe. FYI, they are also the best restroom stops along the highway!! Again, no one using them! OK, now you know my secrets.

Anyway, I bought about 30 feedsack bags and was able to buy duplicates of quite a few. Due to requests and popular demand, I’ve cut up loads of scraps and squares and I’m offering ‘feedsack scrap bags’ in my shop as well. They sell out fast, but I load at least 5-10 everyday. Check back if you don’t see them in stock. Each bag is a variety and will change with each posting. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/product/feedsack-scrap-bag

Maybe my favorite shop of all time is Artichoke Annie’s Antique Mall, on the east side of Columbia, MO. I find loads of antique linens and feedsacks here on a regular basis, it’s only 2 hours from me and I can get there maybe every 2 months or so. Many of the feedsacks I’m sharing came from this booth! How lovely is this photo!!?

I have also been trying to organize and do some purging in my studio and closets. Collecting linens and quilt tops for years has given me way too much, so every now and then you’ll find treasures I’ve picked up along my journey in the online shop. I am parting with things I know I’ll never use and hopefully some of you will benefit from my travels and collecting (cough, cough…hoarding) adventures. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products

Have a great weekend everyone. I hope you can find some time for sewing or quilting amongst the leaf gathering. I know I’ll be doing some of that task this weekend. Enjoy the beauty of fall if you have it where you live!

Create Your Own Vintage Pincushion Class!!

It’s finally ready, my online class, “Create Your Own Vintage Pincushion”. You’ll find it in the link below. It’s $40 and you’ll own it forever. You have the ability to stop, go back, repeat, learn at your own pace! If you are a Facebook user, you will also be invited to join the private Facebook group where you can share your pincushions, ask questions, and get to know other pincushion lovers!

Join me for this 1 hour and 20-minute video, where I’ll teach you everything from cleaning your linens, cutting them, piecing your pincushion, quilting it and then finally, all that’s involved with the finish. Who knew pincushion making could take so many steps!

Let me help you to use those beautiful embroideries that may be hidden away in your drawers. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sweet New Pincushion!

pincushions, SALE | October 13, 2020 | By

How’s this for the cutest couple EVER?!! This began as a towel and has probably been in a drawer or tucked away for years. It’s finally time for them to live on in a pincushion!

I used two of my favorite rulers to quilt this one, the 9″ Slim and my Kelly Bean notched ruler. You can find them here in my online shop https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products Use the code LOVE10 in the discount box at checkout for 10% off anytime!

I like to ditch stitch these small pieces before doing the free motion quilting. This particular ruler is 9″ x 1 1/2″, making it easy to manipulate. I created the curved ends so it would move freely with no sharp corners to get caught up in the seams.

The other favorite ruler I find particularly helpful is the Notched Kelly Bean. This ruler has a notch to nest around the hopping foot. It’s great to help guide the machine around shapes, applique, or embroidery as I did here. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products The notched rulers are ONLY for use on a moving machine (longarm). You can see how they work in this video. https://youtu.be/D2cAVmhVdNA

After I’ve outlined all of the embroidery, I go back with a very tiny fill. I call this the bubble, spiral and belly button design. I’m using Glide 40 weight thread and a Schmetz #16 ballpoint needle (find these in the shop, for longarm only) https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/category/long-arm-machine-needles

The stitch length on these is very small, about 14 stitches per inch. When working with curves and circles, a tight stitch length is your best option for creating a good looking curve!

TA-DA!!! Aren’t they just precious?!! You can find many more pincushion posts on my Facebook page. Don’t forget, use the code LOVE10 anytime in the discount box at checkout for 10% off. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone! Stay safe and sew, at least we have that!!

Bury Your Threads!

Tutorials | September 27, 2020 | By

A quick video on burying your threads with self-threading needles. This method also prevents unravelling in your quilt, pincushion or pillow top. Bury and hide those threads for a tidy top!

You can find the Clover brand, self-threading needles in most quilt shops or here on Amazon. I like this brand best because of the brass coated top. This keeps your thread from breaking and shredding. Happy quilting everyone!

Notched Rulers for Applique

Treasure pillow, made for my granddaughter

I love the word NIFTY, and these notched rulers are just that! I use them for precision stitching around embroidery or applique. You can always use the code LOVE10 in the discount box at checkout for 10% off all the products I sell. You’ll find all my rulers, for longarm and domestic machines, plus, Schmetz needles for the longarm only, here in my online shop.


I also keep a YouTube channel with various tutorials. Here is one of my favorites, showing how I use the Notched Ruler to go around applique. I think it’s the music I chose that makes me like it so much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This was a bed pillow I made for my granddaughter, Juniper, a few years ago. She loves to find treasures, so I put a special fabric envelope on the back with velcro, so she could put small treats inside to hide.

The Notched Ruler allows precision control around applique

Once I quilted it on the longarm, then I simply put right sides together and stitched up a quick pillow. The buttonhole stitch around her name probably took me the most time, but I love the look!

Hand dyed, sparkle fabric!

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget the code LOVE10 in the discount box at checkout. https://kellyclinequilting.bigcartel.com/products

Look What’s on the Frame!

I’ve got a really fun project on the longarm this week, compliments of Mary Kerr. This is for an upcoming book of Mary’s, but you’ll have to wait to see the whole quilt until the book is published, so sorry!! These blocks can be shown though! Mary has such a knack with taking old blocks and repurposing them with other parts and pieces. Check out her other books here on her website. https://www.marywkerr.com/ They are all fabulous with loads of ideas on what to do with vintage quilts, embroidered linens, tops, blocks, etc.

This was the beginning of a block. I did a small bit of ditch stitching to stabilize the center and used the Kelly Bean ruler to make the ‘rays’ in the yellow and also to stitch around the center. FYI, that circle center is stitched in, not appliqued!! Whoa, I know!!!

I’ll continue with lots of ditch stitching and ruler work for a few days, then I’ve got an idea for that pink background. We’ll see how that goes, maybe next week I can share that!

I did a quick video this morning with rulers on one of the blocks. Have a great day and I hope you’ll try ruler work, on your domestic or longarm machine, it’s super fun!

Creating Vintage Pincushions on the Long Arm Machine

pincushions | June 28, 2020 | By

Iโ€™ve just finished a 4 part type โ€˜seriesโ€™ (very casual, mind you!), creating and quilting vintage pincushions on my longarm. The quilting can, of course, be done on a domestic machine or a longarm, I just work best on a longarm. If youโ€™re looking for a free class or something to maybe inspire you to do something with vintage parts and pieces, here they are in order from #1-#4. Feel free to ask any questions. Hopefully, I cover lots of answers in the videos. They run about 30 minutes each and you can watch anytime. They were shown in a live Facebook feed, but recorded and posted forever now. 





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